Church as a Movement | Coaching
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If you want to live into the church as movement well, receiving experienced coaching and reliable resources that will help you coach others is imperative. Here are some of the coaching resources we recommend. We will be adding more soon.


Living into the church as movement involves being able to grow in new competencies that revolve around tight-knit community, life-forming discipleship, locally-rooted presence and boundary-crossing mission. Movement ultimately starts with God, and as we immerse ourselves in the all-consuming love of God, with our eyes wide open to the Spirit’s work in our lives and in our neighborhoods, we being to discover how to live into movement.


At Move we love helping leaders develop the eight competencies through coaching, consulting and curating. This includes areas we have been training pastors and planters in for years, areas that we write about in The Church as Movement:


  • Movement Intelligence
  • Polycentric Leadership
  • Being Disciples
  • Making Disciples
  • Missional Theology
  • Ecclesial Architecture
  • Community Formation
  • Incarnational Practices


Reading the book is a great start, but all books have their limits. Coaching, reflection, and practice enable words to move off the page and into our lives. Knowledge becomes wisdom when a leadership team learns to contextualize these realities within a particular community. Every place has its nuanced needs which is why we are passionate about coaching church planters, pastors, and their teams beyond generic application into grounded application.


Key Services We Provide



At Move we eschew cold, detached professionalism in favor of a more personal approach to coaching. We seek to build relationships that allow for true authenticity and enhance the maximization of concrete practice. Creativity and experience are blended to meet the needs of the moment with an eye toward the future.



We work with planters, networks and denominations in both assessing and discerning how to grow with a movemental mindset. Drawing from our own experience and up-close, diverse observations, we meet with denominational boards, elder teams, and church planting groups to unpack hurdles and opportunities for missional movement. Despite the serious nature of this work, we find the process to be extremely gratifying and rewarding for all who participate.



Stimulating and liberating discoveries happen when we curate imaginative learning environments. Retreats, weekend workshops, and worship gatherings are spaces where we thoroughly enjoy crafting these vital “wow” moments. We also seek to customize our speaking to the pressing needs of the host. We thrive with a whiteboard and seek to bring content alive with our stories and the stories of others. Missional theology weaves its way through these presentations as we simultaneously seek to work out hands on tools and tactics.


For more information, please contact us here.